The Blood Still Speaks (Video Series)

Tony Cooke Ministries
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Take Your Seat at the Trial of All Time.

This illustrated message dramatically portrays a trial that will determine the eternal destiny and the temporal well-being of a human soul.

It is a trial that ultimately affects every human being on the face of the earth Satan is the accuser of the brethren-the prosecuting attorney. Jesus is our Advocate with the Father-our defense attorney. Two witnesses will be called to the witness stand to testify.

Eternity hangs in the balance.

What if you were the one on trial?

What if it was your sins and your past that was being brought before the God of the universe?

Will this defense attorney and his two witnesses be sufficient to secure your release from the punishment and penalty of sin?

You will find the answer to these and many more questions as you watch, “The Blood Still Speaks.”

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The Blood Still Speaks (Video Series)

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